Welcome to 3United Holdings, LLC! 

3United Holdings is a minority share holder of 3United Protocol (www.3unitedprotocol.com). Based out of Philadelphia, PA, 3United Holdings manages a small fund that underpins a small part of the operations and expansion of the company. 3United Protocol is a financial services and community business development company based out of Atlanta, Georgia with a primary focus on expanding and building small businesses from the start up stage and all through the development and growth of the businesses to reach its full potential. 3United Protocol accomplishes this by strategic delivery of USA Government Instruments such as Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and their proprietary #UNITED3TOKEN which is a crypto currency that is a add value stable digital currency asset. 



MBS securities are bundles of mortgages that produce cash flow that assist 3United Protocol's Exclusive Members with access to capital for start up businesses for expansion and growth. The pools of cash (cash flow) is created by 3United Protocol's MBS instruments. These instruments are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the USA Government. #UNITED3TOKEN is backed by the pools of cash from these MBS instruments. This crypto token and the mortgage backed securities are delivered to 3United Protocol Exclusive Members without our members putting up any capital of their own to acquire these valuable assets. There isn't another company in the world that exists and can deliver these types of financial products globally to start up and small to medium sized businesses in need of growth capital. 

We are honored to be key part of the 3United Protocol Family and the 3United Protocol Ecosystem!


Our primary mission is to provide 3United Protocol with a fraction of the investment capital for expanding programs and operations of its Global Market Place. 3United Protocol along with the support of 3United Holdings is always expanding our educational and networking programs to promote the acquisition of passive and wealth producing assets for 3United Protocol's Exclusive Members inside our ecosystem. We are partnered with 3United Protocol's mission to make these programs accessible to all businesses and individuals regardless of the size of their business, personal or business income, personal or business credit or experience. Creation and acquisition of passive income producing and wealth building assets like Mortgage Backed Securities and their crypto currency, #UNITED3TOKEN, is the primary focus of 3United Protocol. 

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